Young Skal

Skal International cares about young professionals and students in tourism. In 1999, Young Skal was set up with the aim of creating a greater awareness of Skal International by those young people studying for or training in the various sectors of the travel and tourism industry, enabling them to join Skal.

The young participants enjoy the support of the local Skål Clubs for social activities and for increasing professional experience, having at the same time the opportunity of connecting to an international network of professionals from the Tourism industry.

The objectives of Young Skal are:

To develop friendship and common purpose between the students of the educational establishment, by participating in areas related to the tourism industry, but also in cultural, sports, travel and public relations activities.
To cooperate voluntarily in all Skal activities and the organization set up by the sponsoring Club.
To encourage and assist in the tourism education or experience of the members by participating in Skal activities and meeting Skal members.
To promote training opportunities for its members and to acquire professional experience with the support of the local Skal Club.
To ensure that its members are fully aware of Skal, locally, nationally and internationally.
To participate in an international network of Young SKAL Groups.